Holocaust Survivor Demands Ocasio-Cortez’s Removal From Congress – Nominates Her For The ‘Nobel Prize in Stupidity’

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez just keeps getting shut down by facts. The President of El Salvador came out today and silenced all Trump critics and took the blame for the immigrant deaths at the southern border.

And now we have one of the few remaining Holocaust survivors calling out Ocasio-Cortez for her comments.

The New York Post reported that Ed Mosber, the 93-year-old survivor from Morris Plains, NJ, has no time for Rep. ­Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s statements from last week, when she called the southern border’s immigrant detention centers “concentration camps.”

“She should be removed from Congress. She’s spreading anti-Semitism, hatred and stupidity,” He told The NY Post. “The people on the border aren’t forced to be there — they go there on their own will. If someone doesn’t know the difference, either they’re playing stupid or they just don’t care.”

Mosberg, who lost his entire family during the Holocaust and survived both the Plaszów and Mauthausen camps, also said: “Her statement is evil. It hurts a lot of people. At the concentration camp, we were not free. We were forced there by the Germans who executed and murdered people — there’s no way you can compare.”

On June 21, the Holocaust education group From the Depths, of which Ed Mosberg is the president, extended an invitation to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, encouraging her to tour “German Nazi concentration camps” with Mosberg. He said he wanted to take AOC to the museum and memorial site where his mother was murdered in Auschwitz.

Mosberg claimed that he was very disappointed when Rep. Ocasio-Cortez rejected his offer.

“She should be taught a lesson,” said Mosberg. “If you’re not there, you will never know what happened. She doesn’t want to learn — she’s looking for excuses. I would like to nominate her for the Nobel Prize in stupidity.”

If she accepts his still standing offer, he said that he would personally give her a tour of camps.

“I can show her where they killed my mother, my grandparents and cousins so she understands this,” he said. “I will bring her to the place where they give my wife’s mother [benzine] injections to the heart and put her on the fire.”

“Eventually you will see she will lose all the Jewish vote in New York.” the 93-year-old Holocaust survivor concluded.

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