Ilhan Omar Paid Another $147,000 to Lover’s Consultant Firm Following Her $230,000 Campaign Donation

The public has been already informed that Rep. Ilhan Omar had paid $230,000 to her lovers’ firm for consulting purposes.

However, new details reveal that the total is actually barely below $400,000. Her campaign had paid his firm $147,000 that we didn’t know about previously.

It has been previosley reported that Rep. Omar and her lover have been shacking up at a hidden Washington apartment and that her campaign was paying for him to travel around the country with her.

The Daily Mail reported that Rep. Omar’s campaign paid $146,713 into finance chief Tim Mynett’s consulting firm, “The E Street Group” for digital advertising, fundraising consulting and video production, as records show.

That’s how much more the 38-year-old Minnesota lawmaker’s campaign pumped into Mynett’s firm since Peter Flaherty, chairman of the conservative National Legal and Policy Center in October filed an an amended complaint into her campaign spending with the Federal Election Commission.

Groups have already filed ethics complaints against Rep. Omar, and as you can probably imagine this latest revelation will lead to one or two more.

Reports claimed that both Ilhan Omar and Tim Mynett were married when they hooked up. The affair became public when Mynett’s wife filed for divorce, naming his affair with Ilhan Omar as the primary cause of their marriage breaking up.

She claimed that her husband admitted the affair and that he had fallen in love with Rep. Ilhan Omar.

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