Ilhan Omar Refuses To Answer Questions About Fraud Allegations After Pressed By Reporter

Recently it has become really hard to keep up with all the allegations swirling around Rep. Ilhan Omar. So far she admitted to some minor campaign finance violations but the bigger charges have gone unanswered.

To be fair to Rep. Omar, she probably feels that if she answers the question it will only encourage more of the same.

That didn’t seem like a bad strategy until her hometown paper published a bombshell investigative report where they couldn’t answer the simple question, did she marry her brother or not.

At some point, Rep. Omar will have to answer this question because it is out there now and there is no putting the genie back in the bottle.

The Daily Wire reported that Rep. Ilhan Omar repeatedly refused to answer questions from a reporter who asked her about a series of fraud allegations that have resurfaced this month.

Omar was presented the questions after the Star Tribune of Minneapolis, the Daily Caller News Foundation, and the Washington Examiner all ran stories over the last week highlighting allegations stemming for her marital history.

“Ilhan, if I could get a moment time, if I could get a moment of your time, could you tell me why you filed illegal tax returns in 2014 and 2015?” The Rebel’s Keean Bexte asked Omar. “Can you tell me definitively or not, is Ahmed Elmi your brother? Is he your brother?”

Omar kept looking down, did not answer, and at one point put her hand in Bexte’s face.

“Can you tell me definitively, yes or no, is he your brother and why can’t you answer that question?” Bexte continued to push.

“Why did you refer to him as your child’s uncle on Instagram and why did you lie on court documents saying that you hadn’t seen him since 2011 when in fact you’d been talking to him all the time on Instagram?”

“New investigative documents released by a state agency have given fresh life to lingering questions about the marital history of Rep. Ilhan Omar and whether she once married a man — possibly her own brother — to skirt immigration laws,” the Star Tribune reported on Saturday.

“The questions surfaced again this month in a state probe of campaign finance violations showing that Omar filed federal taxes in 2014 and 2015 with her current husband, Ahmed Hirsi, while she was still legally married to but separated from Elmi.”

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