Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Trashes President Trump – Vows To Boot Him From The White House

Turns out that Rep. Ilhan Omar is not the only far-left activist in her family. Nor is she the only one in the family who seems to loathe President Trump.

“President Trump, your actions are actually harming people,” her daughter, Isra Hirsi, said on Friday during an appearance on the far-left program “Democracy Now!”

“Millions of people across this country are being impacted by [your inaction]. Us young people are not going to stand down and allow this inaction to continue. We will continue to be on the streets until we see some change from your office. We are going to be voting you out because we need a leader that is actually going to take action on this incredible crisis.”

It’s not quite clear what’s exactly her beef with the President. Probably the fact that Trump’s unwilling to kowtow to the left’s increasingly radical “climate change” demands.

Besides being the daughter of one of the most controversial congresswomen in the U.S., Hirsi is also the executive director and co-founder of the U.S. Youth Climate Strike.

“My name is Isra Hirsi, I am a 16-year-old sophomore from Minneapolis, Minnesota. And I am one of the three Co-Founders and Co-Directors for the US Youth Climate Strike,” an autobiography of her on the far-left group’s website reads.

“Growing up in MN with the intense climate and in diverse communities, I have developed a very well-rounded knowledge of climate change. Seeing pipelines being built in my state, extreme snow conditions, and hearing about Flint MI, I really wanted to do something about it.”

It is unclear what she defines as “well-rounded knowledge,” given as she currently lacks a high school degree, a college diploma, and any science accreditations.

It is well known that the Climate Strike is supported by a slew of radicals, including those at the embattled Women’s March, which has been mired in controversy for its history of repeatedly hiring Sharia law advocates and anti-Semites.

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