Immigration Boss Shuts Down Dems By Explaining New Trump Admin Rule Requiring Migrants To Be ‘Self-Sufficient’

Acting U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli is outlining a new rule laid out by President Trump’s administration that could limit legal immigration.

Immigrants who come to America could be affected by President Trump’s administration’s latest move, as the president is tightening down on immigrants who apply for permanent or temporary visas but rely on government assistance.

The new rules — taken from the Immigration Act of 1882 — could deny a whopping number of immigrants residency as it would place new standards such as one’s income, as well as public assistance including food stamps, public housing, and other aid. The rule is expected to take effect mid-October.

On Monday during a press conference, Cuccinelli made it very clear that the latest immigration move is to make sure that immigrants who come to America are “self-sufficient.”

“We want to see people coming to this country who are self-sufficient. That’s a core principle of the American Dream. It’s deeply embedded in our history, and particularly our history related to legal immigration.” He said.

The top immigration official said that the new rule prevents immigrants who are “likely to become a public charge” from receiving an American green card.

He also noted that the definition of public charge is revised as “an individual who receives one or more designated public benefits for more than 12 months in the aggregate within any 36 month period.”

When asked by a White House reporter about the phrase “give me your tired, your poor” on the Statue of Liberty plaque and if it should be taken down due to the new rule, Cuccinelli responded, “I’m certainly not prepared to take anything down off the Statue of Liberty.”

“I just note again that generations of immigrants have strengthened the foundation of our country in making positive contributions today and we expect that to continue in the future.” He said.

“Through faithful execution of our nation’s long-standing laws, President Trump’s public charge inadmissibility rule better ensures that immigrants are able to successfully support themselves as they seek opportunity here in America. Throughout our history, Americans and legal immigrants have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps to pursue their dreams and the opportunity of this great nation.” He added.

“As President Trump delivers on his promise to uphold the rule of law, this administration is promoting our shared history and encouraging our core values needed to make the American dream a reality,” Cuccinelli said.

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