Jeanine Pirro: If You Ever Thought Donald Trump & Wannabe Mike Bloomberg Were Similar, Think Again

Late last month, Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro dismantled the theory that President Trump and Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg are two brothers from different mothers.

This theory has grown popular among non-establishment Democrats who desperately want Mike Bloomberg out of the race, it rests on the basis that, since both he and Donald Trump are New York billionaires with “popularity” and “success,” they’re practically clones.

But as Pirro argued during the Feb. 22 edition of FNC’s “Justice with Jeanine,” their few similarities are superseded by the vast abundance of stark differences that separate the two distinctly unique men.

“If you ever thought President Donald J. Trump’s popularity, success or occupancy in the White House was attributable to his billions, take a look at the presidential wannabe Michael Bloomberg and think again,” she began.

“Now on the surface, Trump and Bloomberg might appear similar. Both New York City strong-willed billionaires each running to be president in 2020. But the similarities end there. The obituaries written after Bloomberg’s disastrous, horrifying, embarrassing performance at the Nevada Democrat debate tell the story.”

Indeed. Following the Feb. 19th debate in Las Vegas, Mike Bloomberg’s polling numbers began to tank.

“A series of sustained attacks on former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg during Wednesday’s presidential debate in Las Vegas has dented his standing with Democratic primary voters, blunting the billionaire’s momentum and dropping him below former Vice President Joe Biden in nationwide polling,” Morning Consult reported at the time.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s approval rating continues to climb.

“And after watching the debate, I’m not sure even he knows who he is,” Pirro continued. “Once a Democrat, then a Republican, then an Independent and now a Democrat in order to run for president. The man is so wishy-washy and spineless that he doesn’t just flip flop — he flip flops and then backflips without any logical, rational explanation other than political expediency.”

Pirro continued her monologue by highlighting the controversies that haunted Mike Bloomberg’s time in the limelight, including numerous work discrimination and sexual harassment cases, his stop-and-frisk policies and his disrespect toward farmers.

“There are at least 40 separate work discrimination and sexual harassment cases that he has settled at his company, all of them sealed by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) preventing the women from speaking. … Bloomberg has for years battled women’s allegations of profane, sexist comments as he ran a company where the culture of sexual harassment and degradation of women appeared to be pervasive,” she said.

While it’s true that President Trump has his own relatively small own history of NDAs, he also boasts an army of current and former female employees who’ve defended him, as the BPR reported.

“Then there is stop-and-frisk,” Pirro said, pivoting her attention to Bloomberg’s successful crime prevention policies. “Bloomberg has apologized for using stop-and-frisk at the time he was mayor, managing to alienate just about all of law enforcement and those who believe that, if handled correctly, stop-and-frisk was an effective crime-fighting tool.”

“Need I remind you, Mr. Mayor, you’re running as a Democrat in the most liberal-progressive, leftist bunch of presidential candidates in American history, and you cannot exhibit or articulate blatant transphobia,” Pirro noted.

“So far you managed to tee off the women, the African Americans, farmers, factory workers, law enforcement, the LGBTQ community. Now, is there anyone left? Oh, yes. If you’re 95 and you need medical care, we probably shouldn’t have to give it to you since, according to Bloomberg, it’s not really cost-effective.”

Pirro concluded her monologue by dropping the key difference between Mike Bloomberg and Donald Trump — the fact, as argued by her, that he’s a loser while the president is a winner.

“I understand you’re plotting a strategy for a brokered convention,” she said. “Smart, seeing how as you haven’t won a single delegate, you can’t answer a single question, you’ve got huge negatives, you’re an elitist, you were the biggest loser at the highest-watched debate in Democrat history.”

“And might I add, you spent over $400 million to get Americans to know you, and you came out on stage and blew it almost as soon as you showed up.”

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