Jeanine Pirro Schools Rep. Ilhan Omar: “Without Law & Order There’s No Freedom”

Judge Jeanine Pirro ripped Rep. Ilhan Omar and others over their growing calls to dismantle police departments across the United States.

The Fox News Host said: “Law and order is essential. It’s real simple — without law and order, there is no freedom. Without law and order, freedom ends. Without law and order, there is anarchy. What’s happened in Seattle this week is but a small example of how far the left will go to satisfy the progressive extremists and surrender our cities to them, of what it will be like without law and order. And we cannot have it.

“Now permit me to have a politically incorrect question,” Jeanine Pirro began.

How many families in this country whose loved ones were victims of homicide were allowed to pillage and plunder the property of others to blow off steam because the system didn’t work the way it was supposed to.

When the rights of law-abiding citizens are subjugated and destroyed by those seeking change by committing crimes we must demand they be stopped.

When anarchists want to end a civilized society by defunding the police, the throw us back to the wild west where vigilante justice reigned.

Taking large chunks of police budgets to give to mental health and community groups and limiting police response on calls for domestic violence which by the way is one of the most dangerous calls police respond to.

I fear for battered women. Should we now start negotiating violent crimes against women?

Is that even a negotiable issue? Or do we wait until the first social worker or mental health worker is killed and then demand the cops be brought back?”

In Seattle, the Capitol Hill autonomous known as Chaz announces its area is outside the United States.

The police department is now the people’s department.

The height of hypocrisy. A 6 to 7-block area occupied by the ones who hate borders and guns and I.D. Checks. They now have a border and some have reportedly seen people armed.

But Seattle Mayor Durkan thinks she is at Woodstock.

Mayor, how many of your new CHAZ squatters work in Seattle, pay taxes in Seattle or even vote there?

Now that they’ve used you, they want you gone.”

“How did we even get here? How does it end? When does it end?

When will police officers killed during these so-called peaceful protests and the 700 injured and some hospitalized be honored?

How long do we live in fear that there will be no response when we call police for help?

How long before other crime-ridden cities run by these Democrats yield to these anarchists?” Judge Jeanine Pirro asked.

Rep. Ilhan Omar said on CNN today: “A new way forward can’t be put in place if we have a department that is having a crisis of credibility, if we have a department that’s led by a chief who’s suited for racism, if we have a department that hasn’t solved homicide — half of the homicides in Minneapolis police department go unsolved.”

She continued: “There have been cases where they’ve destroyed rape kits. And so you can’t really reform a department that is rotten to the root. What you can do is rebuild.”

“And so this is our opportunity, as a city, to come together, have the conversation of what public safety looks like, who enforces the most dangerous crimes that take place in our community, and just like San Francisco did — right now, they’re moving towards a process where there is a separation of the kind of crimes that solicit the help of, you know, officers, and the kind of crimes that we should have someone else respond to.”

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