Jessie Jane Duff Rips AOC: “Acts Offended & Plays Her ‘Lady Card’ After Calling People Like Me a Racist & Russian Asset”

Conservative Trump supporter Jessie Jane Duff ripped Rep. Ocasio-Cortez over her congressional speech on the floor discussing her confrontation with Rep. Yoho.

Jessie was responding to Herschel Walker, who also blasted AOC.

Walker tweeted: “Sorry @AOC that @TedYoho called you out of your name, but your credibility is in question because you didn’t say a word when @RashidaTlaib called the president a motherf***ker.”

Jessie Jane Duff added: “@AOC acts offended and plays her ‘lady card’ after calling people like me a Russian asset, racist and Nazi.”

AOC has never held her tongue from vile words for those she dislikes.

Hard to have sympathy for Ms. Ocasio-Cortez as she acts demure after nonstop offensive name calling.

Ed Hines asked “Is she aware shes pissing off a United States Marine? I know shes not the brightest bulb in the pack but jeez!”

Jessie Jane Duff replied “She could care less for me let alone anyone who isn’t supporting her agenda.”

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