Jill Biden Gets Destroyed On Social Media After She Fed Foreign Nationals In Mexico Before Christmas

Jill Biden, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s wife, fed foreign nationals in Mexico this week who are attempting to enter the U.S. and faced intense backlash on social for ignoring the needs of struggling Americans.

“It’s not who we are as Americans,” Jill Biden after spending time at the camp. “We are a welcoming nation, but that’s not the message that we’re sending at the border. We’re saying, ‘Stop. Don’t come in.’”

The Daily Wire reported that Jill Biden’s comments come on the heels of Joe Biden declaring during the recent Democrat presidential debate, in response to a question about reparations for African-American, that “the reason we’re the country we are is because of immigration.”

“They are the future of America,” Joe Biden yelled, adding “and you should get used to it.”

Immigration attorney Matthew Kolken called out Joe Biden for his role in helping the Obama administration deport millions of immigrants and cage children at the southern border.

“The administration Biden served in deported more immigrants than all of the Presidents of the 20th century combined,” Kolken tweeted. “That administration built deportation internment camps and caged children. He must condemn the human rights violations of Barack Obama, and apologize for his role.”

Jill Biden also faced intense backlash on social media for going to a foreign country and serving foreign nationals couple of days before Christmas, in what many said was nothing more than a photo op moment, while ignoring the needs of American citizens who are suffering in the U.S.

Political consultant Ryan Girdusky tweeted: “This is going to shock the Bidens… but there are Americans in need.”

Blaze host Jon Miller tweeted: “Why don’t the Mexicans feed our poor for a change? Oh right, because they can’t because they don’t have enough of it! And yet we’re told we must bring them in by the thousands to enrich our culture with one that has led to such prosperity!”

Lawyer Kurt Schlichter tweeted: “Democrats prefer foreigners to you”

Newsmax host John Cardillo tweeted: “Well this is just dumb ineffective pandering. Biden is done. There are homeless Americans and disabled veterans in need here.”

Scientist Tom Borelli tweeted: “Guess it’s too dangerous to do the same for the homeless in San Francisco & LA.”

Political commentator and producer Robby Starbuck tweeted: “She should visit skid row in Los Angeles instead to experience the results of Democratic Party policies. If she’s anywhere near as forgetful as Joe she might think she’s in California instead of Mexico…”

The Trump campaign also mocked Jill Biden, tweeting: “‘[We] are enhancing the enforcement & removal proceedings because those who are [trying] to reach the United States should be aware of what awaits them. It will not be open arms… We’re going to send the vast majority of you back…They will be going home.’ – Joe Biden, 2014”

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