Jim Jordan Demands Everything Associated To Mueller Probe To Go Public:’Release It All’

This Sunday, Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan stated that anything related to special counsel Mueller’s probe should be released to the public, as Attorney General William Barr looks over the completed report.

“If he is going to release all of the information, then I want all of it released,” Jordan stated for ABC’s “This Week.”

“I want those 302’s. I want the conversations between Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele, the guy who wrote the dossier, Glenn Simpson, the guy the Clinton campaign hired to put the dossier together, I want all those conversations that Bruce Ohr had with Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele. Those notes from the FBI, I want all that made public.”

“I want the FISA application to be made public! said Jordan.

They used that dossier, took it to a secret court, didn’t tell the court the Clinton campaign paid for that document, didn’t tell the court that a foreigner who was desperate to stop Trump from being elected president, wrote the document,” Jordan continued. “Let’s release it all.”

Regardless of the reports, which will more than likely show no collusion between President Trump and Russia, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler requested a many more documents from the White House and is also sending letters seeking information from people and organizations close to the President on March 4.

Jerry Nadler sent the requests to 81 groups, people and many organizations, in search for Constitutional abuses and corruption by Donald Trump.

The New York Democrat explained Sunday that the requests for documents are to “begin investigations, to present the case to the American people about obstruction of justice, about corruption and abuse of power.”

Few Democrats and cable news pundits have begin to say that the Mueller report is a cover up, even though it hasn’t been released yet.

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