Jim Jordan Lays The Blame Exactly Where It Belongs After Grandstanding Spectacle In Border Crisis Hearing

Rep. Jim Jordan blasted the Democrats and their hypocrisy during a House hearing on border facilities and issues related to immigrant family separations.

The Ohio Republican and Member of the House Oversight Committee unloaded on the Democrats on Thursday for “making ridiculous and dangerous statements” in a fiery speech following an outburst by Chairman Elijah Cummings while questioning Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan.

Rep. Jordan accused the Dems of “choosing to play politics” with the border crisis issue, “fabricating stories of cruelty and besmirching the hard-working civil servants protecting the border.”

His remarks came after a grandstanding display by Cummings who ripped into McAleenan over reports of deplorable conditions at detention facilities at the southern border.

“You feel like you’re doing a great job, right?” Cummings asked the Acting Homeland Security Secretary.

“We’re doing our level best in a very challenging situation,” McAleenan responded, setting off the Democrat chair who exclaimed, “What does that mean?”

“What does that mean when a child is sitting in his own feces, can’t take a shower? Come on, man!” Cummings yelled. “What’s that about? None of us would have our children in that position!”

And while the left trashes President Trump regularly for his American pride, Cummings now took up the language by declaring that “we are the greatest country in the world.”

“We are the ones that can go anywhere in the world and save people…we’re better than that!” he told McAleenan.

Rep. Jordan called out the double standard of the Dems and their hypocrisy on the border issue, noting how they declared President Trump’s alarm about the crisis as “manufactured,” only to come back after the situation worsens to blame Trump and border officials.

Jim Jordan laid the blame squarely on the Democrats with a set of opening questions for Secretary McAleenan.

“Mr. Secretary, would it have helped to get the resources when you asked for them?” Rep. Jordan asked, knowing full-well the answer.

“Of course,” McAleenan answered.

“They won’t fix the asylum law,” Jordan continued. “[They] won’t fix border security wall, say it’s ‘not a crisis,’ say it’s manufactured,’ say it’s ‘contrived’ when it actually is a crisis!” Rep. Jordan said.

He went on to say the many steps that should’ve been taken to address the situation, adding “what would also help, is if folks on the left would quit saying some of the crazy things they’re saying that I think incentivize more people to come and create this crisis.”

Rep. Jim Jordan also slammed House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler for accusing Customs and Border Patrol of committing “negligent homicide” and engaging in “torture.”

“This rhetoric is wrong, it’s despicable and does nothing to fix the problem,” blasting the Democrats for “changing their tune” because the facts could no longer be ignored.

“What do Democrats do when they have to acknowledge a problem that doesn’t align with their politics? They look for someone to blame. Who else but the president of the United States and the hard-working men and women who work tirelessly every day trying to secure our border,” Rep. Jordan said.

He took aim at outrageous comments and criticisms by the Dems that only serve to demean the federal employees and “spark unnecessary outrage.”

“During the presidency of Barack Obama, we didn’t see outrage from the Democrats then,” he continued, asserting that “not one single so-called cage has been constructed by the Trump administration.”

“This is one of the greatest challenges of our time,” Rep. Jordan concluded, directing steps the Democrats must take if they are “serious” about reform. “Frankly it’s getting worse by the day.”

Rep. Jim Jordan also took to Twitter to blast the Democrats there as well:

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