Jim Jordan Questions: “Does It Seem Like Democrats & The Mainstream Press Are Upset That POTUS Is Recovering?”

Rep. Jim Jordan got people talking on social media after he tweeted an intreeging question.

“Does it seem like the Democrats and the mainstream press are upset that the President is recovering?” the Ohio lawmaker asked.

Here are some of the answers he received from Trump supporters.

“It hurts their narrative they have been pushing for months regarding the severity of covid.”

“Yes, they are sick! TDS does not have a cure, it’s a lifetime sentence.”

Here are some of the answersRep. Jim Jordan received from Trump critics.

“We want a full recovery. How else can he fulfill his obligation in prison?”

“Not in the least. We all wish him a speedy recovery so he’s healthy to enjoy the crushing defeat coming his way. We also need him at peak health to stand trial for all the crimes he and his family have committed over the years.”

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