Jim Jordan Rips Dem Ticket: “Are We Going To Make America San Francisco?”

Rep. Jim Jordan appeared on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs and blasted the Democrat ticket of Biden-Harris, mockingly asking “Are we going to make America San Francisco?”

Lou Dobbs: “What’s your reaction to Senator Harris, her first appearance as Joe Biden’s running mate?”

Rep. Jim Jordan: “Same old, Democrats Lou, you know all sorts of crazy left wing policies and criticize President Trump. Not like we haven’t seen this show before.”

“Think about what she said,” Rep. Jordan continued.

“Democrat governors won’t let Americans go back to work and then they blame President Trump for unemployment. It’s crazy, the policy.”

“Democrats won’t denounce the violence, Democrats won’t denounce the cancel culture mob, Democrats won’t denounces all the crazy things that are going on in our culture won’t denounce this crazy idea of defunding the police.”

“That’s the Biden-Harris ticket today, so look I think the President is gonna win.”

“This is a choice… Are we gonna make America Great again or are we gonna make America San Francisco?”

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