Jim Jordan Rips House Dems: “This Is Not About Postal Service. This Is About Politics”

Rep. Jim Jordan appeared on Fox Business with Neil Cauvto, and made the argument that the Dem $25 billion dollar USPS bill is about politics, not the postal service.

“You need no better example than the sponsor of today’s legislation – the chairwoman of the oversight committee Carolyn Maloney.”

“Her election was on June 23rd but it took six weeks to determine who the winner was.” Rep. Jordan explained

“So that’s the concern the President has. That’s the concern I have. That’s the concern I think lots of Americans have,” Jordan continued.

“This is not about the Postal service. This is about politics.” He added

The House approved legislation to allocate $25 billion to the US Postal Service and ban operational changes that have slowed mail service around the country.

The bill passed 257-150, largely along party lines, with Democrats supporting it. Few Republicans joined Democrats in voting for the measure, defying House GOP leaders and President Trump, who actively urged Republicans to oppose it. On the eve of the vote, the White House threatened to veto the bill.

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