Joe Biden Claims Nikki Haley Has “No Brains” – She Flips The Script & Challenges Him Head On: “Bring It”

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley fired back at Joe Biden with a challenge after the 2020 Democrat criticized her intelligence.

During a campaign event in South Carolina on Wednesday, Biden knocked Haley for not expanding Medicaid while she was governor of the state, adding that she “didn’t have the brains” to do it.

Within a few minutes of the former vice president’s remark circulating on social media, Haley responded to the comments.

“Hold up Joe,” she tweeted. “I will put my brain up against yours anytime. Bring it. #GodBlessJoe”

In 2012, Haley opted out of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion in a move that earned praise from Americans for Tax Reform.

“In South Carolina, 1 in 4 citizens are receiving Medicaid, and the state simply cannot afford an additional expansion of an entitlement that is already projected to eat up more and more of the state’s budget, squeezing out funding for other priorities such as education and transportation,” the conservative advocacy group wrote at the time.

Biden isn’t the first 2020 Democrat Haley has called out. The South Carolina native also criticized Bernie Sanders for attempting to drive the U.S. toward socialism.

“Right now, the Democratic presidential front-runner is an avowed socialist named Bernie Sanders,” Haley said during a speech to a think tank on Wednesday. “Only in a prosperous country like America can people be so flippant about capitalism and so naive about socialism.”

She added, “Socialism is a total disaster, and, as Americans, we must condemn it wherever it exists.”

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