Joy Behar Accidentally Makes Case For Trump’s Re-election: “With This Economy, Approval ‘Should Be In The 70s’

As even Democrat strategist James Carville once coined the term about winning elections, “it’s the economy, stupid.”

Hosts on ABC’s “The View” are so overwhelmed with hatred for President Trump that they are too blind to see when they accidentally make the case for his reelection.

In recognizing just how great the economy is doing under President Trump and his administration, co-host Joy Behar acknowledged that the president’s approval rating should be in the 70s.

Of course, the liberal reporter made the observation while observing how “disgusting” President Trump is, neverminding the recent study showed that over 90% of the media coverage President Trump gets is negative.

Joy Behar made the observation during a discussion of Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential bid.

“Well I think his message, the most important message that I heard during his campaign is that as a nation do you want to choose hope over fear?” co-host Sunny Hostin said of Biden’s kick-off speech Monday in Pittsburgh. “Do you want to choose unity over division? And most importantly, do you want to choose truth over lies?”

“We, Democrats, and independents, who have the same view, have to choose hope over fear, unity over division, maybe most importantly, truth over lies,” Biden said on Monday.

(He’s regurgitating an Obama campaign line from Oct. 2008, when candidate Obama said, “We can choose hope over fear, unity over division, the promise of change over the power of the status quo.”)

Taking her cue from Hostin referencing “truth over lies,” Joy Behar said, “Trump has over 10,000 lies now in the time he’s been in office.”

Behar’s claim was coming from the Washington Post reporting on more than 10,000 alleged false or misleading statements from President Trump — not that the newspaper is an unbiased judge.

“There’s a ticker in your dressing room that pings every time he lies,” joked co-host Meghan McCain.

“An angel gets its wings every time he lies,” Behar replied. “The other thing about the economy that’s interesting is that Trump’s [approval] numbers never seem to go past 38-39 percent, and with an economy like this he should be in the 70s.”

“It’s bizarrely historical in that sense,” McCain interjected.

She continued to rambled on about how “in any other presidency this would be a persona non grata because the economy is on fire,” though it’s not clear what she was talking about.

Is she suggesting that the President is unacceptable because the economy is hot? Adding to the confusion, McCain followed that up by talking about “something he promised and he hasn’t kept, whether or not he deserves credit for it or not.”

The nonsensical remark may have been a reference to his approval numbers.

“He’s so disgusting that people hate him anyway,” Behar said in conclusion, getting her full measure of hate in.

McCain added that it’s “his freaking tweeting” that’s having an impact, saying Trump can’t “control himself,” but the president sees social media as a means to get around a press corps that hates him.

Maybe it isn’t always just about the economy, but after eight long years of a recession under Obama, Americans are likely feeling relieved about some extra padding in their bank accounts.

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