Joy Behar Threatens To Leave The Country If Melania Won’t Stop Trump’s Border Policy

Joy Behar went after half of President Trump’s family and most of his administration on “The View” today.

Behar lashed out at Ivanka and Melania Trump over Trump’s border policy calling what the Trump administration did a crime against humanity.

While she did not call for Ivanka and Melania Trump to be brought up on charges she did demand that President Trump, Stephen Miller, Jeff Sessions, and others be sent to The Hague and charged with crimes against humanity.

Some would say that was a silver lining that came from Behar’s meltdown, she threatened to leave the country if Melania didn’t stop Trump’s policy.

“This is a crime against humanity. I cannot — and then Trump saying, oh, they’re treated very well. Ivanka, are you watching your father?” Joy asked.

“Melania, I know you don’t care. That’s what you said. Pay attention to these children,” she demanded.

“Do something. I will not stay in a country or be a part of a country that does something like that to children,” she threatened.

“It’s outrageous. It’s outrageous. To this day, I have a pain in my chest from that day.”

Behar added, “I mean, is this the country we want? What kind of country do we want?”

“Do you know that the youngest child that was separated at the border was 4 months old? That child is going to be traumatized.”

“This is an emotional disaster that these people have put on us. I, as an American, disavow all of it. I disavow this entire administration.”

“Stephen Miller, Rod Rosenstein, Jeff Sessions, and Donald Trump need to be brought up on charges of crimes against humanity at The Hague,” Behar said.

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