Joy Reid Trashes “American Food Holiday” Thanksgiving – Mocks Dumb Pro-Trump Family Members

MSNBC’s Joy Reid rushed in assisting the Democratic party’s objective by shaping the public opinion. This time she attacked Thanksgiving.

“We’re just over two weeks away from one of the most beloved American food holidays,” the host said on Saturday in her opening remarks. “Thanksgiving, where problematic actual history meets delicious cuisine and many of you will be heading home to spend time are family and friends, eat a little too much and perhaps engage in a dreaded contentious political debate with your cranky uncle Rosco when he starts yelling, ‘Read the transcript!’ at the dinner table, between bites of turkey and pumpkin pie.”

She proceeds to tell her viewers that she will help them get through it by telling them “everything you need to understand about impeachment.”

In effect, Joy Reid says disregard the cast of characters and the fact that there is no real proof of quid pro quo — in the process, she betrays how she really feels about people.

“Most people can’t say it, spell it or understand it,” she insisted. “Though it has become a kind of catchphrase for the media and Donald Trump and his defenders.”

Looking to simplify the task of planting guilt in the heads of any viewers who haven’t already convicted President Trump, she moves the goal post.

“What we’re talking about is not a pithy Latin phrase. It’s something a lot simpler: Bribery and extortion.”

Reid went on to contort the facts involved so impressively that Houdini would be proud.

Not lost in Reid’s talking points is that the left have decreed Thanksgiving — a time set aside for the country to thank God for our many blessings — as little more than a day marking our “problematic actual history.”

In their quest to “fundamentally transform” America, the left must do away with our founding institutions and our traditions — particular those that are God-oriented.

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