Just When We Thought Michigan Gov. Whitmer Couldn’t Get Any Worse She Takes Things To The Next Level

One of the most draconian governor in the U.S., Michigan’s, Gretchen Whitmer disrespected every Michigander in her state. For months she kept her state under one of the strictest lockdowns in the country and slammed protesters who wanted the order lifted.

Well, now Whitmer was seen violating her very own social distancing guidelines. On Thursday she told BLM protestors that they must remain 6 feet apart and practice social distancing. Later that day same day, she was caught violating her own decree during a protest she participated in.

“I encourage everyone who is protesting, if you are out demonstrating or out congregating at all, please wear a mask and please try to stay six feet away from others,” she said on Mojo In The Morning.

Breitbart also reported that Whitmer, who is angling to be Joe Biden’s vice presidential running mate, participated in a protest in downtown Detroit over the death of George Floyd.

She marched along as the closely packed large group chanted, “Hands up, don’t shoot,” and “This is what democracy looks like.”

Whitmer, wearing a cloth mask, was standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Bishop Charles Ellis and Lt. Gov. Garland Gilchrist.

The Detroit News asked Whitmer’s office about the apparent hypocrisy.

Tiffany Brown claimed the “unity march” didn’t violate Whitmer’s latest order because it states, “Nothing in this order shall be taken to abridge protections guaranteed by the state or federal constitution.”

“That includes the right to peaceful protest,” she said.

And here’s what she said about about the people that were protesting her stay at home order.

“The fact of the matter is, these protests — in a perverse way — make it likelier that we are going to have to stay in a stay-at-home posture,” she said, going on to encourage anyone with a platform to call on people to “do the right thing.”

“It’s sad because this is a small, relatively small group of people in a a state of almost 10 million, where the vast majority are doing the right thing,” she said. “The right to dissent is something I have a great deal of respect for, but we have to do it in a way that doesn’t compromise other people’s public safety, and these protests thus far have not done it that way and I think it’s very concerning.”

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