Kamala Harris Shamed Herself On The View, After She Called Trump A “Drug Pusher” on National TV

Kamala Harris is desperately trying to up her chances to be Joe Biden’s VP pick. The sharks are circling and every backbencher on the Dems roster wants the gig.

All the failed candidates think they can resurrect their stalled political careers if Joe Biden picks them. Even NY Governor Cuomo is rumored to be maneuvering behind the scenes for consideration.

Harris maybe thought she was a lock as she is an African American woman from a state with a Dem Governor to keep her senate seat blue if Biden were to somehow wake up and win.

But it appears that she got arrogant and tried to take Joe Biden out during her ill-fated campaign and Biden seems to have not forgotten the slight.

Thus Harris’s disgraceful performance on “The View” where she called President Trump a “drug pusher” hoping sleepy Joe is paying attention.

“He’s got to stop – We don’t want a drug pusher for president,” she said.

“We want somebody who takes that stage and speaks to the crisis in a way that is about bringing relief,” Harris added.

“But what I do know is this.”

“It is a drug that has been proven to give relief from pain – to people with rheumatoid arthritis, people with lupus…”

“And right now, I’m hearing all over the place, people are hoarding this drug,” she said, adding from those “who need it to relieve their pain and to extend the quality of their life.”

“The president keeps taking the stage and, as opposed to what Dr. Fauci and medical health professionals are telling us, pushing this drug.”

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