Kelsey Grammer Ignites Leftists With Support For Trump’s Strong Stance: ’They’re used to being the brats’

Actor Kelsey Grammer threw his left-leaning fans into a tailspin after openly discussing his support for President Trump.

The 63-year-old actor, known for his famous role in the TV sitcom “Fraiser,” blasted the left as he spoke about his support of Brexit and President Trump during an interview with BBC Radio.

Kelsey Grammer admitted that he isn’t a “big government guy,” and he acknowledged the host’s observation that it is very “unusual” for him to be a Donald Trump supporter in liberal Hollywood.

“I’m a conservative. I have been for a long time. I’m just not a big government guy,” said Grammer.

“I do overhear the talk about Brexit and stuff and I think, ‘Well, why are they voting again for it?'” Grammer continued, referring to the impending departure of the UK from the European Union. “I think, well couldn’t you vote once?”

“But that’s a bit like – we do this in America too these days,” he added. “It’s sort of like you keep voting until you get the result you want.”

Grammer was asked if “controversies” surrounding President Trump may have caused him to have any “change of mind,” he replied that he was okay with President Trump’s policies.

“In terms of policy, I don’t have a lot of problems with what he’s doing. He’s a bit of a brat, I guess you could say,” he continued. “And that is astounding for people especially for people who come from the more liberal side of politics. They’re used to being the brats.”

Kelsey Grammer went on and noted the President’s ability to come back at his critics and how it’s been a surprise for some.

“They just never had anybody come back at them in the same way. We’ve witnessed in American politics the same basic language since Ronald Reagan,” Grammer explained. “This is the first guy who fires back, so it’s really unpleasant and they thought he shouldn’t be elected anyway.”

Actor Kelsey Grammer’s comments caused a crisis on social media where the left was disappointed by his conservative stance and his approval of President Donald Trump.

Here are few tweets:

-When I saw Kelsey Grammer trending I naturally assumed he’d died.
Turns out far, far worse…

-Kinda disappointing to hear about Kelsey Grammer right now, looked up to Fraser when I was a kid of some who was more intelligent than the average doing well for themselves. Now he’s just a git.

-Finding out he’s a supporter of Trump and BREXIT was an awful shock. I can’t listen to him now, it makes me feel sick.

-Kelsey Grammer bids goodbye to his British fan base as he comes out as a Trump Supporter;

But there were many Twitter users that mocked the over-dramatic outcry.

-Oh no. Kelsey Grammer holds different political beliefs to me. I better discard my Frasier boxset immediately and blow up my TV just in case Channel 4 shows a repeat. –said one tweet.

And the mob is out again in full force today to vilify anyone with different political views. Todays subject: Kelsey Grammer, a pro-Trump, Brexiteer. – said another.

Fans of Kelsey Grammer, who once told BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs that being a Republican in a place like Hollywood is like having a “target on your back,” couldn’t have been happier.

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