Kevin McCarthy Attacked By Dems & Media For Saying “Chinese Coronavirus”

Liberals are completely of their mind. They are actually attacking GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for saying “the Chinese coronavirus”, as if he said something horribly derogatory.

McCarthy took to social and posted a tweet where his followers can find more info about the corona virus.

“Everything you need to know about the Chinese coronavirus can be found on one, regularly-updated website: http://coronavirus.gov”

All that Kevin McCarthy was doing in his post was directing people to the CDC’s website for the latest on the virus.

Not too long after he posted the tweet, Grace Meng, a Democrat from New York, demanded an apology from McCarthy.

“I’m embarrassed to be his colleague. I’m so disgusted.” said the New York Democrat.

We await his apology to the nation, the Chinese-American and #AAPI community and to his own constituents,” she added.

Embarrassed? Disgusted? Isn’t that a bit too much.

The Coronavirus began in China and McCarthy attributing it to China via the name is neither disgusting nor embarrassing, it’s just a fact.

MSNBC was all over this, claiming that McCarthy used “very derogatory, offensive terms.”

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