Kevin McCarthy Calls Out Big Names ‘Who Stood There and Said They Had Proof’ of Collusion to Step-Down & Apologize to Trump

On Thursday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy suggested that some lawmakers should apologize for their rhetoric surrounding the Russia investigation.

McCarthy spoke to reporters and said that many Democratic lawmakers continually made statements claiming there was proof of President Trump’s collusion with Russia.

Now that the investigation is over and there will be no further indictments, the Republican lawmaker called for accountability for all of their past statements.

“I think he is owed an apology from every individual who stood there and said they had proof, if they said they knew of collusion, if they … misled [and] took us down this path that we spent 22 months, $25 million, 40 FBI agents, 19 attorneys, went to 13 foreign countries, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, and no collusion?” McCarthy said.

McCarthy called for lawmakers to put aside their differences and admit that they made a mistake by pushing a false narrative.

“I do believe he is owed an apology from anyone who put their politics of dislike before the American public,” said McCarthy.

The lawmaker called out Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff for his continued claims that there was evidence of collusion, calling for him to step down.

“You cannot have a chair of a committee that misled the American public, that misled their conference,” McCarthy said. “It is time to turn the page and let American trust the committee again.”

While McCarthy understands that people will have different beliefs, he claimed that their dislike of President Trump was taken too far.

“I understand a disagreement with each other when it comes to philosophical positions,” he said, “But to go so far just because you are upset that someone else won the presidency? Yes, you owe him an apology.”

However, when he was asked if he believed Mueller should testify before Congress, he said he had “no problem” with that, also stating that Attorney General William Barr should also testify.

“I do believe that Attorney General Barr does need to come here, testify, just like he said he would,” McCarthy said. “I leave that up to Mueller if he wants to come. I have no problem with him coming.”

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