Lara Trump Blasts Democrats On Mueller Report: ‘Harassing People Won’t Change The Outcome’

On Saturday, Lara Trump stated that harassment from the Democrats going into the 2020 presidential election would not change the outcome of the Mueller report.

As the Dems continue to press for more investigations into President Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law and 2020 campaign advisor told “Fox & Friends” that continued “harassment” of President Trump and his associates would not have the desired effect.

Pete Hegseth, “Fox & Friends’” host addressed the topic of ongoing investigations during a Sunday morning segment, saying, “Bob Mueller’s report comes out: Democrats not satisfied. Jerry Nadler and others in the house continue these endless investigations into what happened … Well, The Washington Post has a headline about this recently because there are 20 ongoing investigations, and they say Trump and his allies are blocking more than 20 separate Democratic probes in an all-out war with Congress.”

Co-host Jedediah Bila responded by showing a clip of the President from a day earlier, speaking on the same topic.

“It’s so sad,” Trump said. “And you know, no matter what they do whether they’re harassing our attorney general, they’re harassing my brother-in-law, the president, it’s not going to change the outcome of the Mueller report.”

“We still didn’t collude with Russia. The president still didn’t collude with Russia. I don’t know what the goal is here.” she continued.

“That’s it,” responded Hegseth. “And the president has called it time and time again presidential harassment. This should never happen to another president as well. I think that’s the key term. At this point, with no evidence, you’re just harassing the guy.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned the Dems few weeks ago against the notion of “presidential harassment,” and reminded them that Republicans who used the same tactics against former President Bill Clinton faced serious political consequences.

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