Laura Ingraham Claims Dr. Fauci Works For Biden Campaign: “He Could Be Joe’s Running Mate”

Fox News’s Laura Ingraham claimed that Dr. Anthony Fauci is working on behalf of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Ingraham ran a segment critical of the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases on Tuesday night following his testimony before a Senate health committee hearing in which he warned that the number of new coronavirus cases could double to about 100,000 each day if people don’t begin taking social distancing protocols more seriously.

“Well, Dr. Doom himself at a Senate hearing today spreading more COVID panic,” she stated, while a fake “Biden Fauci 2020” graphic appeared on-screen. “Now, at this point, can we all just admit that Fauci is working for the Biden campaign? Now, for all we know, he could be Joe’s running mate. Why not?”

Ingraham noted that Sen. Rand Paul “hit back” at Fauci during the hearing for his “fearmongering” before alleging that the experts have “been wrong on almost every issue, every step of the way, from the efficacy of lockdowns, they obviously didn’t work, to masks, because they said we shouldn’t wear them at first, to shutting the schools down.”

Ingraham went on to criticize the health leaders in the country for denouncing people protesting to reopen stores and the economy while supporting the protests that resulted following the death of George Floyd.

“Those same authorities went on to denounce their fellow Americans for protesting to save their businesses and jobs only to turn around and essentially openly embrace the BLM marches while claiming racism was the real virus,” she said.

“Now, these esteemed experts, they don’t even have the integrity to admit that the masked protests, which they themselves often participated in, are likely a major reason we are seeing current spikes in various cities.”

“Now the timing and patient profiles of the COVID spikes in cities like Cleveland, L.A., Houston, and in states like Minnesota, all correlate to the protests,” she continued.

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