Leaked Video Shows Bernie Staffer Saying Trump Supporters Must Be Put In Gulags & Re-Educated

New leaked video just blasted Bernie Sanders’ campaign and it could be a fatal blow to the Vermont Senator. Not in the primary, but if he makes it to the general this video will be an albatross he will not easily shake.

Project Veritas published the video, and it shows a field organizer for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign caught saying that Trump supporters need to be re-educated like they did with the Soviet gulags.

Breitbart reported that the video begins with a Project Veritas journalist asking an individual identified as Sanders organizer, Kyle Jurek, if “MAGA people” could be re-educated if Sanders wins the White House.

“We gotta try,” Jurek replies. “In Nazi Germany, after the fall of the Nazi Party, there was a s**t-ton of the populace that was f**king Nazified.”

Germany had to spend billions of dollars re-educating their f**king people to not be Nazis,” he continues. “We’re probably going to have to do the same f**king thing here.”

“That’s kind of what all Bernie’s whole f**king like, ‘hey, free education for everybody’ because we’re going to have to teach you to not be a f**king Nazi,” he added.

In section part of the video, Jurek is seen discussing Soviet Union dictator Joseph Stalin’s use of gulags, where he claims that the CIA was overly critical of them.

“People were actually paid a living wage in the gulags. They have conjugal visits in gulags. Gulags were meant for re-education,” he says.

Jurek is then seen suggesting that the most effective way to re-educate the billionaire class is to order them to “break rocks for 12 hours a day.”

“[The] greatest way to break a f**king billionaire of their privilege and their idea that they’re superior, go and break rocks for 12 hours a day. You’re now a working class person, and you’re going to f**king learn what the means, right?”

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