Lemon Says That If You Deny America Is Racist, It’s Because You Are White And Don’t Understand It

CNN host Don Lemon created a new term for people that he believes are “ignorant” about racial issues.

As CNN transitioned its prime-time lineup from host Chris Cuomo to Don Lemon, Lemon asserted Trump, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow, and others who deny systemic racism engage in “white mansplaining.”

“I call it ‘white mansplaining.’ You know how you do mansplaining to women? This is white mansplaining the injustices that people they have no idea about are facing. That’s all it is,” Lemon said, as the Washington Examiner reported.

“The very simple thing is, if you really want to understand racism in America, just think about your phone. Right? Or your car or your computer. When you — the factory reset in America is whiteness, is two cars, the American Dream, which was built on what? On whiteness.”

Cuomo argued that President Trump doesn’t see a political advantage from participating in the Black Lives Matter movement, but Lemon asserted the President and many others who deny systemic racism are “ignorant.”

“I think they’re old, and they don’t want to change. And they’re set in their ways,” Lemon said, later calling them “dinosaurs.”

“We are at a different point now where white people actually are saying, ‘I want to change. I want to do better.’ They’re not denying that there is racism anymore. The only people who are denying it are the relics, are the people like Trump and Larry Kudlow. And I don’t really give a damn what Larry Kudlow thinks about race.”

He further argued President Trump’s position on race is irrelevant because he is “the birther-in-chief, the sons-of-bitches-in-chief. He is the shithole-countries-in-chief.”

On Thursday, Trump met with faith leaders, law enforcement officials, and other senior administration officials and discussed racial disparities, warning the public not to refer to millions of “decent Americans” as “racists.”

“We have to work together to confront bigotry and prejudice wherever they appear but will make no progress and heal no wounds by falsely labeling tens of millions of decent Americans as racist or bigots,” said Trump.

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