Lindsey Graham Backs President Trump, Blasts The Dem’s “Sham” Impeachment: “Lynching In Every Sense”

On Tuesday, President Trump essentially broke Twitter with a post that compared the Democratic Party’s partisan impeachment effort to “a lynching.”

Complaining about a suspect process playing out in the House of Representatives to remove him from office, President Trump tweeted, “All Republicans must remember what they are witnessing here – a lynching. But we will WIN!”

Given the nature of that process, where Nancy Pelosi refuses to vote on impeachment because it would open up rights for the GOP, Sen. Lindsey Graham backed President Trump’s play.

“This is a lynching in every sense,” the South Carolina Republican told reporters.

“It shows a lot of things about our national media when it’s about Trump who cares about the process,” Sen. Graham said. “As long as you get him — yeah, this is a lynching in every sense.”

“This is un-American,” Sen. Graham continued. “I’ve never seen a situation in my lifetime as a lawyer where somebody is accused of major misconduct who cannot confront the accuser, call witnesses on their behalf, and have the discussion in the light of day so the public can judge. If this continues in the House it is a complete sham and I will do everything I can to make sure it doesn’t live very long in the Senate.”

Lindsey Graham is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and to be clear that he defends the President’s rhetoric he repeated the phrase while putting pressure on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to hold a floor vote.

“It is necessary to empower the Republican minority in the House to confront accusations against the President,” he said. “A vote of inquiry allows the President to confront his accuser and to call witnesses on his behalf. Until that is done, this is a joke, this is a sham and this is a political lynching.”

While the left rushed to attach racial connotations to President Trump’s tweet, Sen. Graham was asked about some African-Americans taking offense to the use of the phrase.

“No, I think lynching is being seen as somebody taking the law in their own hands and out to get somebody for no good reason,” the senator replied.

“What does lynching mean?” Sen. Graham continued. “When a mob grabs you, they don’t give you a chance to defend yourself. They don’t tell you what happened to you. They just destroy you. That’s exactly what is going on in the U.S. House of Representatives right now.”

The description is exactly how Wikipedia characterizes a lynching, not that the would care.

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