Lou Dobbs Rips Into Paul Ryan For Betraying The President

Lou Dobbs ripped into hapless Paul Ryan. Ryan cashed out and pulled a Clinton, by transferring millions in campaign funds that people donated to a foundation he controls and joined the board of directors at Fox News.

Dobbs went after Ryan for his silence after Nancy Pelosi’s cheap political stunt at President Trump’s State of the Union.

Lou Dobbs is correct, as it would have been important to hear from the last two Speakers of the House who showed class in the face of a political speech.

“A stunning silence from two of the biggest RINO house speakers the country ever had. Both Paul Ryan and John Boehner have yet to make any comment about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s outrageous, insulting behavior at the president’s State of the Union address,” Lou Dobbs said.

“It’s a silence that’s raising more questions about both Ryan and Boehner than about actually the speaker herself. But there it is.”

It’s fair to say that anyone who thinks Donald Trump is going to win in a cakewalk is not really paying attention.

Mike Bloomberg is running a good campaign right now and he alone among Democrats seems to understand how to use the media for political gain. And he has billions to waste.

Trump has vulnerabilities too – no Democrat has had the political skill to exploit these but Bloomberg does – and sadly, most of these vulnerabilities can be traced directly to when Trump took Ryan’s advice.

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