Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz Troll Pelosi After Ice Cream Stunt, Offer Her Snacks If She Comes To The Table For Small Business

Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz trolled Nancy Pelosi on Twitter after her tone-deaf video bragging about her stockpile of fancy ice cream, which she stores in her $24,000 refrigerator.

Rubio tweeted in a cheeky video: “So I hear Speaker Pelosi really likes ice cream? Here is what I am willing to do if she will stop holding aid for Small Business hostage.”

Senator Rubio then tempted Nancy Pelosi with a package of M&M ice cream, saying: “I will give you all the ice cream I have in here, Madam Speaker, if you will fund small business and stop holding it hostage. All of this right here. These M&M’s. Make it happen.”

Sen. Ted Cruz also chimed in: “Excellent idea! I’ll throw in all the Chunky Soup she can eat!”

Marco Rubio was responding after the Dems blocked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s request for more aid for small businesses, calling it a “political stunt.”

The Republican bill would’ve provided $250 billion more in a loan program for small businesses. the Dems blocked it, even though small businesses are getting destroyed by the coronavirus shutdowns.

President Trump has urged Congress to return to Washington to do their jobs. Even Democrats are pushing Pelosi to get back to work.

While millions of unemployed Americans are lining up at food banks to feed their families, Pelosi did a gleeful interview in front of her $24,000 refrigerator with talk show host James Corden.

During the interview, the multi-millionaire whined that she is enduring this crisis by stuffing her face with $13-a-pint ice cream, as the BPR reported.

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