Marine Veteran Unloads on ‘Boy Scouts’ For Their Controversial Decision To Allow Girls To Join

This Thursday, during his appearance on ‘Fox & Friends’ on Thursday, Marine veteran Johnny Jones told what most of us are probably thinking right now after Boy Scouts announced that they will remove ‘boy’ from their name.

‘We live in a culture where you can’t ask kids to be tough. You can’t ask little boys to be masculine,’ Johnny Jones told Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade.

The organization’s announcement followed it’s decision in 2017, allowing girls to join their male counterparts.

‘We believe it is critical to evolve how our programs meet the needs of families interested in positive and lifelong experiences for their children,’ Boy Scouts Chief Executive Michael Surbaugh said.

But for the Marine veteran Johnny Jones, the attempt of the organization for neutrality was potentially harmful to young boys. Johnny Jones lamented how the culture considered using the term ‘boy’ to be toxic.

‘To me, it’s toxic to not teach my 9-year-old to be tough and not cry every time he gets hurt,’ Jones said.

Marine veteran Jones added, however, that he thinks girls can participate in activities like sleeping outside. But he pointed that ‘they also like to play dress-up and have time and do tea time.’

‘It’s not to say that little girls shouldn’t have these opportunities,’ Jones replied on Kilmeade after he said that Girls Scouts still existed.

Jones said that he wasn’t sure what our society would gain if it continued to push against masculinity. Jones brought up how his father didn’t cry for him when he was younger but on the contrary, his father encouraged him to join the Boy Scouts because that was a good thing for him.

Watch Jones interview below:

‘I never saw my dad cry,’ he said. ‘That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. When I was old enough to understand that he didn’t have superhero powers then I learned he could cry and that was OK.’

‘But as a little boy, I needed to know my dad was that symbol of strength.’ Jones added.

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