Martin Luther King’s Niece Compares Alabama Democrat To Eugenics Supporter Margaret Sanger

Dr. Alveda King appeared on “Fox & Friends” Friday and compared an Alabama lawmaker to Planned Parenthood’s original founder Margaret Sanger, after he vocally opposed a proposed abortion law.

Democratic state Rep. John Rogers spoke against a bill that would make abortion a felony and could jail physicians for more than ten years, as Fox News reported. The bill passed the Alabama House by a vote of 74-3 and will now move to the state Senate.

Rep. Rogers claimed that some children are “unwanted” and said society will either “kill them now” or “kill them later.”

“You bring them in the world unwanted, unloved, you send them to the electric chair,” he said. “So, you kill them now or you kill them later.”

“When I immediately heard those remarks from the representative in the African-American community in Alabama, I thought about Planned Parenthood,” Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece replied.

“It started out [with] of course Birth Control League with Margaret Sanger. And she said that they were going to need some talking heads. And in order to get that, they were going to cultivate Negros with scholarships and grants and awards and those kinds of things that could best carry their message, which — it was a secret message of eugenics and genocide, but it was well-couched in something called compassion.”

Alveda King also stated that the pro-choice movement is based on a misplaced sense of compassion, and should be geared towards life instead of death.

“Today here in the 21st century, we will have elected officials saying things like, ‘Well, it’s better to kill them now in the womb than kill them later when they grow up,’ or over in Ohio a legislator was saying, ‘Well you’ve got to go ahead and give black women the right to have abortions because they were so mistreated as slaves.’ So that kind of thinking is a misplaced compassion,” she said.

“And I knew that immediately. And I said, ‘Wow, he’s been indoctrinated pretty well with the eugenics and genocide agenda, which is unfortunate.’” she continued.

“But compassion does not require the death of anyone. Compassion brings life rather than death. And so if someone is unwanted or an unexpected pregnancy … many people know that I had two abortions myself long ago without this understanding. So there’s a better way to serve women, the babies in the womb, the dads, the families, than to kill a person. We can deliver mercy without killing people.” she concluded.

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