Matt Gaetz Shuts Down Al Sharpton’s Testimony By Bringing Up His Past Bigoted Statements

The only thing missing from Matt Gaetz’s takedown of Al Sharpton today was a picture of Tawana Brawley.

Al Sharpton is famous for inciting people with little to no facts and demanding tribute to call off the protests. In other words, a scam artist, or at least according to a heckler in Baltimore recently who told Al to take his scams back to New York.

Al follows the limelight for his glory, quickly forgetting the victims he swooped in to save. He gets publicity and they just get forgotten. That’s Al’s formula for success.

Matt Gaetz went right at Al today during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on police brutality, and he let him have it.

He asked Al Sharpton about his past “bigoted” statements about Jews, white people and African Americans.

The New York Post reported that Rep. Matt Gaetz brought up a resolution introduced in 2000 by former Florida Rep. Joe Scarborough, now host of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC​, that condemned Al Sharpton for “racist and anti-Sem​i​tic views.”

Gaetz blasted Al Sharpton with a barrage of questions on whether the quotes from the resolution are true, including referring ​to ​members of the Jewish faith as “bloodsucking Jews and Jew bastards.”

“They are patently untrue. I never said that,” Sharpton said, noting that he and Scarborough are now close and appear together on MSNBC shows.

“Have you ever referred to members of the Jewish faith as ‘white interlopers’ or ‘diamond merchants’?” Rep. Gaetz continued, citing the Scarborough resolution.

“No sir,” said Al Sharpton, explaining that he has made comments in the past about one individual in Harlem who “I didn’t even know was Jewish.”

The Democrats rallied to Al Sharpton’s defense and accused Rep. Gaetz of badgering the witness with inappropriate questions.

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