McCarthy Vows That McCabe & Comey Will See Justice For Attempted “Coup”

Justice Department officials who were key parts of what Kevin McCarthy called a failed coup against President Trump will yet pay a price for their actions, McCarthy vowed on Sunday.

McCarthy went on to promise that the guilty parties would be held to account and that he has faith in AG Barr.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy predicted that Comey and McCabe would face criminal charges for the attempted coup the only question for Kevin in what charges.

“We came the closest ever to this country having a coup, and now we need accountability,” Kevin McCarthy told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“I respect this attorney general so greatly, that the way he has handled this, he believes in accountability, but more importantly, he believes in the rule of law.”

When asked if there will be real accountability, McCarthy promised, “Yes.”

Comey and McCabe, who were the director and deputy director of the FBI when the Russia probe began, have been the subjects of separate investigations, and McCarthy believes they will both face consequences.

“We will see an indictment,” he said of McCabe, who is facing the prospect of federal charges after Horowitz faulted him in a separate inquiry over statements he made during a Clinton-related investigation.

The review found out that Andrew McCabe “lacked candor” when talking with investigators, but the former FBI official has denied wrongdoing. U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu recommended charges against McCabe after the DOJ rejected his appeal.

James Comey was chastised in a recent report from Horowitz that discussed how Comey improperly maintained records of his conversations with President Donald Trump, and leaked sensitive information about the investigation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

While the report found that James Comey violated department policy, the DOJ opted not to press charges. Now McCarthy believes that there will be more to come for James Comey.

“In the end, I do not believe that Jim Comey will get off,” McCarthy predicted, adding, “Anyone that has had any association with trying to create this coup should be held accountable.”

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