Meghan McCain Comes Clean On ‘The View’ During a Heated Argument: ‘Trump Will Be Re-Elected In 2020’

It’s not very unusual for things to heat up between the ladies of “The View” but this time after it was questioned whether the American people understand socialism, co-host Meghan McCain concluded that Democratic socialists are the reason President Donald Trump is going to get re-elected in 2020.

Tuesday’s “The View” consisted of a fiery discussion, starting with the hosts talking about a poll which shows that most Americans are okay with a homosexual candidate, but fewer Americans being okay with a socialist president.

This discussion quickly turned into co-host Behar wondering if Americans understand the meaning of socialism which McCain swiped back at, saying, “People are smart.” Behar countered that she disagrees socialism is a “bad thing” ahead of 2020.

“I miss Whoopi [Goldberg] when she’s not here,” an exasperated McCain said.

Then, the heat continued dialing up.

“I’m just trying to explain to you the other side … and why Democratic Socialists could be leading you toward the path of Trump getting re-elected,” McCain said.

“Instead, I’m told I don’t understand what Democratic Socialism is. I assure you, Joy, I do.” she added.

During Tuesday’s show, there was another segment where Behar claimed former President Barack Obama’s presidency was “completely scandal-free,” prompting McCain to swipe back.

McCain blasted the idea of Obama’s administration viewed as “pristine, scandal-free, perfect administration that never did anything wrong.”

When Hostin also claimed Obama’s administration was “scandal-free,” McCain then reiterated her warning how President Donald Trump would get re-elected.

“I’m telling you. It is how we got Trump and it’s how you’re going to re-elect him,” McCain said. “And when he’s re-elected, which at this point, I believe he is going to be, I hope you’ll listen to the points that I have given you.”

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