Mike Huckabee “Disgusted” By Dems Who Sank Stim Bill Because Of Lack Of Abortion Funding

Republican politician and conservative commentator Mike Huckabee called a reported attempt from congressional Dems to circumvent federal restrictions on dollars given to women’s healthcare providers “disgusting.”

“Fortunately, Republicans realized what Pelosi was up to, and made sure that abortion clinics would not be able to profit off of coronavirus,” Huckabee said in an opinion piece for the Western Journal. “President Trump is right to distrust Pelosi and the Democrats.”

Mike Huckabee accused the Dems of “fear-mongering” regarding a pandemic that has resulted in at least 428 deaths in the U.S. as of Monday morning.

“Yet when it came time to back up their words with action, they showed that all they really want to do is play politics with American lives,” Huckabee said.

On Sunday, the Senate Dems blocked a relief package worth more than $2 trillion.

Huckabee said that Democrats’ posturing on relief package legislation sent a bad message to the public, as the Washington Examiner reported.

“President Trump is committed to getting a bipartisan coronavirus economic stimulus package in place so that Americans don’t have to deal with financial uncertainty as they try to keep themselves and their families healthy,” Mike Huckabee wrote. “It is disgusting that the Democrats are letting their political agenda take priority over American lives.”

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