Mike Pompeo Lights Up Chris Wallace Over His Anti-Trump Rhetoric

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has had enough with the anti-President Trump rhetoric of Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. This Sunday, Pompeo appeared on “Fox News Sunday” and slammed host Wallace for his anti-Trump rhetoric.

“Is accepting oppo research from a foreign government right or wrong?” host Wallace asked Pompeo, citing what President Trump said to ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos.

“Chris, you know you asked me not to call any of your questions today ridiculous, you came really close right there,” Pompeo shot back.

“President Trump has been very clear, he clarified his remarks later, he made it very clear, even in his first comments, he said I’d do both,” he said. “He said he’d call the FBI.”

But that answer was not a good enough for Chris Wallace who pressed “He said maybe I’d you both,” and then again said “He said maybe I do both.”

“President Trump has been very clear that he will always make sure that he gets it right for the American people, and I’m confident he’ll do that here as well,” he said.

“Well, at the risk of getting your ire, the president told Fox and Friends on Friday, and I agree, he kind of walked it back on Friday…” Wallace said before Mike Pompeo cut him off.

“No, he didn’t walk it back, Chris,” Pompeo shot back, at this point getting extremely irritated with the Fox News host.

“Yes he did, because he said ‘maybe’ on Thursday, and then Friday on Fox and Friends he said he’d listen first and then if the information was bad, that he would take it to the FBI or the attorney general,” Wallace said.

“But he also made it clear to George Stephanopoulos that he did not see this as foreign interference,” he said to Pompeo.

“He says it’s not interference, it’s information,” he said. “The country, and I don’t have to tell you, has a long history dating back to George Washington in saying that foreign interference in our elections is unacceptable.”

“Chris, President Trump believes that too,” Mike Pompeo claimed as he started to grind his teeth getting more and more angry at host Wallace.

“I have nothing further to add. I came on to talk about foreign policy, and I think the third time you’ve asked me about a Washington piece of…silliness that, chased down a story that is inconsistent with what I have seen President Trump do every single day,” he said.

“I will leave it there,” Wallace stated, getting his last shot in. “I think I only asked you twice, but that’s all right Mr. Secretary.”

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