Mitch McConnell Claimed That Any 2020 Democrat Candidate Will Try To ‘Turn America Into a Socialist Country’ – It’s Not Just Bernie Sanders

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned the U.S. citizen that it won’t just be self-described Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders who pushes socialism from the Democratic primary, every candidate is doing it.

So far, 21 Democrats have entered the 2020 presidential primary with a goal to take down President Trump. Some of the candidates are proud to embrace far-left policy proposals, like Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and other Democrats are running more moderate campaigns.

While candidates like Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar may be playing to middle-of-the-road voters, McConnell stated that he doesn’t believe they would run the Oval Office from the middle.

On Thursday, during a Fox News interview, McConnell told host Sean Hannity that he believes any of the 2020 Democrat candidates would set America on a path to socialism, specifically when it comes to government-controlled health care.

“Even the [candidates] who declare themselves moderates will say, with regard to health care, that they want the public option. There won’t be any private health insurance if you have the public option because the government will always sell you the insurance cheaper. So, no matter how they choose to characterize themselves, you can bet that whether it’s Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, or somebody else, the nominee for president on the Democratic side is going to be on a path to try to turn America into a socialist country.” He said.

Although Mitch McConnell clearly has concerns about the 2020 Democratic candidate pool, he does not seem to be worried about the candidates success in the 2020 election passing a socialist agenda, at least not with him in control of the Senate.

“We’re not going to let that happen. Donald Trump’s still in the White House and as long I’m majority leader in the Senate, I get to set the agenda. That’s why I call myself the grim reaper. We will not have the Green New Deal, we will not have Medicare-for-none as long as I’m majority leader of the Senate.” Said McConnell.

While it is impossible to know how the 2020 Democratic candidates would handle the Oval Office, McConnell is corrected that most of the top candidates have endorsed some type of big-government, socialist proposal, including the Green New Deal, tuition-free college and Medicare for All.

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