MLK’s Niece Blasts Nike & Kaepernick: ‘We Should Be Celebrating Living In Best The Country On Earth’

Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece called out Nike for their decision to pull Betsy Ross flag-themed shoes from the stores before Independence Day, proclaiming that we should be “celebrating living” in America.

Dr. Alveda King — who served as a Georgia state representative from 1979 to 1983 — was asked for her reaction to Nike’s nixing of American Revolution flag-inspired shoes during an interview on Fox Business’ “Cavuto Coast-to-Coast.”

Shoe giant Nike asked the stores to return their product after they received a complaint from Kaepernick, who claimed that he and other’s found the shoe offensive.

King responded by stating that she thinks the shoes are “kind of cute” and that the younger generation is “a little more forgiving” than the people who are “polarizing themselves with all of these things.”

She went on and said that she was “reminded” of her family members’ words to “solve conflicts peacefully” and that she believes that “we are skipping some of these steps” when it comes to peaceful demonstrations.

“I’m reminded of my dad, Rev. A.D. King, my granddaddy Martin Luther King, Sr., and my uncle Martin Luther King, Jr., who said, ‘Solve conflicts peacefully. If you take a knee, say a prayer in the process,’” said Alveda King.

“So I think that we are skipping some of these steps. You get your information, you educate your public, you examine your own soul, you sit down and you talk. If it doesn’t work, have peaceful demonstrations and then do win-win reconciliations.” She added.

She continued to say that there was a jump from “no facts, no information” and quipped that she was “not so sure” that Kaepernick “even totally understands who Betsy Ross is.”

“So, I think it’s kind of unfortunate that we’re fighting over sneakers when we should be celebrating living in the best country on the planet,” King added. “And I think it was just an unfortunate choice, actually, Neil.”

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