Mnuchin Shuts Down Jim Acosta After Rude Question: “That’s The Most Ridiculous Question I’ve Ever Heard”

CNN’s Jim Acosta did it again leaving many people wondering how does he still have a job if his only intention is to be there is to showboat.

Maybe in the beginning, CNN thought he would help them get more attention, but Acosta has shown that he is out for himself.

Additionally, the kind of negative press he brings with his showboat and very rude questions is not one a supposedly impartial news organization would welcome.

Today Jim Acosta was up to his old tricks and went rude during the press conference. Thankfully Steve Mnuchin and Mike Pompeo immediately shut him down.

“Is the national security team a mess?” Jim Acosta shouted acting as rude as he does with President Trump.

“Absolutely not,” Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin hit back before adding the dagger: “That’s the most ridiculous question I’ve ever heard of.”

“We’ve had three national security advisors in three years,” Jim Acosta whined as the meeting ended.

“Let me just say,” Steve Mnuchin corrected him, “the national security team, which is what you asked, consists of the National Security Advisor, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State, myself, the Chief of Staff, and many others.”

And of course, it does. The fact that Jim Acosta asked that question tells you all you need to know about his intentions and his personal agenda. Its sad to see how some of the press turned out to be just a joke.

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