Monica Lewinsky Responds To Bill Clinton After He Said He Doesn’t Owe Her An Apology

Former president Bill Clinton recently stated that he doesn’t feel the need to apologize to Monica Lewinsky and claimed that he is also a victim of the affair.

In an interview with NBC’s Craig Melvin, Clinton was asked “Do you feel like you owe her an apology?”

Clinton said “No, I do — I do not. I’ve never talked to her.”

These comments come after NBC interview with Bill Clinton that aired Monday.

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Bill Clinton was in a long term affair with Monica Lewinsky, who was a 22 year-old White House intern at the time, during his presidency.

Lewinsky spent a long time away from the public eye after the earth-shattering political bombshell affair came out. She has since reappeared into public and became an anti-bullying advocate.

In regards to the comments Bill Clinton made about the affair, Lewinsky took the high road and tweeted that she is “grateful [sic] to the myriad people who have helped me evolve + gain perspective in the past 20 years.”

She also shared a link to a Vanity Fair article that she wrote about her experience with former President Bill Clinton.

Monica Lewinsky explains in the article that the investigation into the affair made her life a “living Hell.”

This was the man who had turned my 24-year-old life into a living hell in his effort to investigate and prosecute President Bill Clinton on charges that would eventually include obstruction of justice and lying under oath—lying about having maintained a long-term extramarital relationship with me.

Lewinsky also wrote that Clinton’s affair with her was a “gross abuse of power.”

There are even some people who feel my White House experiences don’t have a place in this movement, as what transpired between Bill Clinton and myself was not sexual assault, although we now recognize that it constituted a gross abuse of power.

Finally, Monica Lewinsky complained that Clinton caused her “trauma” and “PTSD.”

Bill Clinton made the remarks in an interview on NBC saying that he wouldn’t do anything different during the scandal.

Then he stated that he never apologized to Monica Lewinsky over the affair and that he has no intentions to do it today.

Clinton laso said the affair cost him, “Nobody believes that I got out of that for free. I left the White House $16 million in debt.”


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