MSNBC Contributor Urges U.S. Citizen To “Protests In The Streets” To Remove AG William Barr

Elie Mystal, MSNBC contributor and legal blog editor, called on federal prosecutors to resign and take to the streets in protest over Attorney General Bill Barr’s behavior at the helm of the Department of Justice.

Elie Mystal made the plea during a Saturday appearance on AM Joy. The conversation centered on AG Barr’s involvement in the case of longtime GOP operative Roger Stone.

The Department of Justice announced on Tuesday, the day after federal prosecutors called for Stone to serve seven to nine years in prison, that it would be discarding that sentencing recommendation for a more lenient punishment.

The Washington Examiner reported that the liberal-leaning network contributor began his remarks by calling AG Barr’s actions “immoral, illegal, and unjust,” while adding that he doesn’t care “what they say.”

He went on to praise the prosecutors who worked on the Stone case who later resigned after AG Barr announced that the DOJ would seek a more lenient sentence and argued that other federal prosecutors should do the same thing.

“I applaud the prosecutors who have resigned over the Stone case,” he stated. “That’s four guys. There are 5,000 federal prosecutors across 94 offices in this nation. If 2,000 of them resign tomorrow, that would be a thing … I agree with you, Joy, that we’re asking a lot of people to put their careers on the line to protest this authoritarian despot, but you know what, during authoritarianism, much must be asked, and we are in a situation where much must be asked of those with the will and strength to stand up to this man.”

“We need them to say enough is enough, and we need them to resign,” Mystal added. “We need protests in the streets. We need to do all that we have left to do, which is to shout and scream and shake our fists against the dying of the light.”

Mystal previously called for people carrying “pitchforks and torches” to protest outside the home of billionaire Stephen Ross for hosting a Trump fundraiser.

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