MSNBC Guest Claims Trump ‘Is a White Nationalist’- Says ‘Everything That Comes Out Of His Mouth Is Racist’

MSNBC commentator Danielle Moodie-Mills came out in defence of Joe Biden’s controversial use of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville for his first campaign ad, claiming that it reminded “the American people how racist the president of the United States is.”

The former Vice President announced his campaign with a video that included quotes and images from President Trump following the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. Joe Biden highlighted the horrific death of Heather Heyer in his presidential announcement but fell under scrutiny when Heyer’s mother revealed that she was not asked if he should include her death as part of his bid for the White House.

Many conservatives, including counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, called out Joe Biden for his ad, claiming that he misquoted President Trump’s claim that there were good people on “both sides” following the travesty Charlottesville.

After watching a heated back-and-forth between CNN host Tapper and Conway, Moodie-Mills questioned why Jake Tapper hosted people from the Trump administration and claimed that President Donald Trump was a “racist” and a “white nationalist.”

“Why are you having her on, to his point, why are you doing that? The fact is that this administration blatantly lies all of the time. You are doing a disservice to the people of the United States by continuing to have them on, and then just not ask the right questions.” she said.

We’re not asking like oh, is the president, maybe the president is a white nationalist, maybe he’s a racist. No. The president of the United States is a white nationalist. He is a racist. Everything that comes out of his mouth is either xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, or racist. Right? There’s no mixing of that.” she added.

Despite President Trump’s efforts to decrease unemployment and reform prison policy to help minority communities, Moodie-Mills said that there doesn’t need to be a conversation about whether Donald Trump is a “white nationalist” as she claims or if his actions speak to his character.

“Why do we pretend there’s a conversation to be had? There isn’t,” Moodie-Mills claimed. “Why did Joe Biden come out with that video? Because he needed to remind the American people how racist the president of the United States is.”

When she isn’t labeling the President as a “white nationalist” on MSNBC, Moodie-Mills hosts a radio show called “Wake AF” on the Sirius XM Progress.

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