MSNBC Guest Trashes Republican Kentucky AG “He’s skin folk, but not kinfolk… He should be ashamed of himself”

MSNBC Guest Cheryl Dorsey, a retired sergeant blasted Republican Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron over his explanation of the Breonna Taylor jury ruling.

Dorsey said “Let me say this as a black woman. (AG Daniel Cameron) does not speak for black folks.”

“He is skin folk, but he is not kinfolk, and so just like he thinks they can’t speak for Kentucky because he’s up there with a black face, he does not speak for all of us.”

She added “this was not a tragedy, this was a murder. He should be ashamed of himself.”

Watch the video on the link bellow:

Discussing the ruling, Cameron argued that celebrities an influencers do not “understand the facts” of the Breonna Taylor case.

“If we simply act on emotion and outrage there is no justice. Mob justice is not justice,” Cameron said.

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