Muslim Scholar Reveals New Evidence Backing Up Claims That Rep. Omar Married Her Brother & Uses Fake Name

A new development in the Ilhan Omar saga exploded across the internet today. A since-deleted tweet was discovered by an Islamic scholar that raised many questions.

In that fathers day tweet from 2013, Rep. Omar refers to her father Nur Said. Now remember, she married Ahmed Said and many people claimed that was her brother.

The claim says that she married her brother to commit immigration fraud and that when a refugee and desperate for asylum her family did what thousands have done before – work the system to get out of the hell they found themselves in.

According to a tweet from Imam Tawhidi, a peace advocate, reformist Imam, ordained scholar and national bestselling author said: “This means her real name is Ilhan Nur Said.”

He also shared some examples for Non-Muslims/Those not from Middle East & North Africa:

‘Mohammad Salman’ means: Mohammad the son of Salman.

‘Mohammad Zayed’ means Mohammad the son of Zayed.

Ilhan’s dad is Nur Said. She’s: ‘Ilhan Nur Said’

What does this mean?

According to the expert it emans she married her brother:Your father is Nur Said? Not: Nur Omar Mohamed?

So you’re Ilhan Nur Said?

And you married Ahmed Nur Said,You married your brother. (Most Americans don’t know that in most Muslim countries, the surname is actually the father’s name)


The Daily Mail reported how Rep. Omar’s defence claimed that the allegations were false. “I’m not legally married to two people, but I am legally married to one and culturally married to another.” That’s how Rep. Omar’s campaign spokesman Ben Goldfarb summarized Omar’s conjugal arrangements in an email in August 2016, when she was running for Congress and her advisers were trying to stifle allegations of double marriage — with a man alleged to be her brother.

Rep. Omar supplied this email to the Minnesota Campaign and Public Disclosure Board’s investigation into her campaign financing. That investigation concluded on June 6 by ordering Rep. Omar to refund $3,500 in misused campaign funds, and pay $500 fine. It also revealed that in 2014 and 2015, Rep. Omar may have broken federal and state law by filing a joint tax return with her husband Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi — when she was married to another man.

When conservative journalists from Minnesota raised the bigamy allegations in 2016, Rep. Omar issued a statement calling the allegations ‘baseless, absurd rumors’ and issued another statement accusing the journalists of ‘Islamophobia’. Her statement was taken verbatim from Goldfarb’s email. That same email appears to admit that the allegations are not without basis. Goldfarb describes how he tried to construct a denial based on ‘real background information’, but found it ‘impossible.’

“…we are probably in a position where giving real background information is helpful in tying this up. That said, having no tried to write a statement multiple times that says, ‘I’m not legally married to two people but I am legally married to one and culturally married to another’, I think it’s impossible without making it even more confusing.” Rep. Omar claimed.

Rep. Omar refused to answer questions as to when and how she happened to meet a British subject, or why she married him so soon after separating from the father of her children. Then again, she didn’t separate that much from Husband 1. Documents released on Monday show that she and Husband 1 were living together in Minneapolis at the time of her marriage to Husband 2. And when Rep. Omar and Husband 2 went to college in Fargo at North Dakota State University, Husband 1 came too. That must have made for some awkward silences at the breakfast table.

As Rep. Omar claimed, Husband 2 went back to London in 2011 after a ‘faith-based’ divorce. But according to Alpha News, screenshots from Husband 2’s social media show him living in Minneapolis as late as August 2012. In the same year, she had a third child with Husband 1 and turned Husband 1 into Husband 3 with, she has claimed, another ‘faith tradition’ marriage. Regardless of the ‘faith tradition’ divorce from Husband 2, she was still legally married to him in civil law. Unwittingly or not, she was, as Ben Goldfarb admitted in 2016, now married to two people at the same time.

Rep. Omar has sworn that she didn’t legally divorce Husband 2 until 2017 because she couldn’t get in touch with him. Apart from being an admission that she knew she was still legally married to him when she made her second ‘faith tradition’ marriage with Husband 1 and 3 in 2012, this is implausible. Now-deleted postings appear to show that Rep. Omar went to London in 2014, and that she and Elmi (Husband 2) were in touch on social media. And this week, new evidence discovered by investigative journalist David Steinberg appears to show that Husband 2 was in Nairobi from December 2012 — and that he was in contact with Rep. Omar’s sister.

The nature of Rep. Omar’s relationship to Husband 2 is clouded by as-yet unsubstantiated allegations of double marriage and immigration fraud, which Rep. Omar has consistently denied.

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