Nancy Pelosi Claims That Jesus Christ Is Not On The Side Of Trump’s ICE Raids

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used another opportunity to slam the President and his politics, this time mixing Jesus and the the ICE raids.

Pelosi used her Sunday Gospel reading to trash President Trump’s planned ICE raids, appearing to suggest that Jesus would not be on the side of law enforcement in this case.

“It should be a sign to us that today’s Catholic Gospel reading is the Good Samaritan, where Jesus teaches us to love our neighbors as ourselves and treat them with mercy,” Nancy Pelosi tweeted. “Trump’s ICE raids today tear families apart -the opposite of mercy.”

Nancy Pelosi’s tweet included a a graphic that provided detailed instructions to migrants with regard to knowing their rights and handling the situation if they should get a knock on the door from ICE agents.

The Daily Caller reported that despite recent tensions between the two Democrats, on this particular topic Nancy Pelosi finds herself in line with freshman Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Meanwhile, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez took things a even further, by planning and organizing “know your rights” canvassing events in her district to help illegal migrants understand what they could and could not do in the event of a potential ICE raid.

What both Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez failed to include in their tweets was the fact that the illegal migrants being targeted in the planned ICE raids already received due process and were remaining in the country in defiance of their legal deportation orders.

In other words, they should’ve been long gone by now, but they decided to stay in our country illegally.

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