New Jersey Democrats Begin Process Leading Towards Paying Reparations To Black Americans

The Democrats literally wrote the book when it comes to buying votes at the taxpayer’s expense, but the chapter on reparations has yet to be released and New Jersey is looking to be more than just a footnote here.

From the same cabal that calls the killing of unborn children “reproductive justice,” we now have “reparative justice,” with black New Jersey lawmakers introducing a bill that would establish a Reparative Justice Task Force, as described in a press release from the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice.

The introduced bill calls for New Jersey to examine its role in slavery and racial discrimination or disparity that may have resulted from it, and if necessary, pay reparations to black residents, the Associated Press reported.

Democratic state Sen. Sandra Cunningham says that it’s time “we begin the long and painstaking process to rectify our past,” according to the AP.

While New Jersey fought for the Union in the Civil War, it was the last northern state to abolish slavery.

The many problems with reparations, which will carry a price tag in trillions of dollars, begins with who is eligible and who pays. How is it determined who is a direct descendant of slaves, and why should families who had ancestors die fighting to free the slaves be expected to pay?

Some estimates say 30 million people would be in line for a check from Uncle Sam.

The New Jersey legislation takes the hard-left’s “critical race theory,” which claims that all white people are inherently racist and that racism is ingrained in our society — “structural racism” — from liberal college campuses to the statehouse.

“The Task Force will focus on repairing structural racism in New Jersey that can be traced back to slavery in the state and around the country, and recommend targeted policies and investments in Black communities that will address the lasting damage of America’s — and New Jersey’s — original sin,” the Institute said in the release.

President & CEO of the Institute, Ryan P. Haygood, perpetuates the notion that black people are victims who struggle to compete in society because of obstacles established hundreds of years ago.

“Four hundred years after the arrival of the first Black people in Jamestown as captives, many people don’t realize that slavery had deep roots in northern states like New Jersey, and that it left an ugly and pervasive legacy that still plagues us today with some of the worst racial disparities in the nation,” Haygood declared, as The Newark Times reported. “Whether it’s wealth, youth justice, or voting rights, Black people in New Jersey face challenges that their white neighbors don’t.”

Democratic 2020 presidential front-runner Sen. Elizabeth Warren, has expressed her support for reparations.

Warren said in a statement back in February: “We must confront the dark history of slavery and government-sanctioned discrimination in this country that has had many consequences including undermining the ability of Black families to build wealth in America for generations.”

As expected, social media users weren’t so keen on the idea. Here is a small sampling of responses from Twitter:

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