NFL Player Goes Against The Grain And Honors David Dorn On His Helmet

Jacksonville Jaguar Tyler Eifert went against the grain of his peers by honoring retired officer David Dorn on his helmet.

Retired officer David Dorn was killed while attempting to protect a store from looters.

Eifert wrote “Great win to start the season. Love being a part of this new team and community! It was honor wearing David Dorns name on my helmet today! #DUUUVAL”

Many folks on social media were happy that Eifert showed respect for the retired officer, and thanked him on Twitter.

One Twitter user replied “Thank you for doing that! The NFL has lost me as a fan today but I will still support you for doing the right thing! Wish you would have come out if the locker room but can’t have my cake and eat it too! GO IRISH! Good luck!”

Another Twitter user replied “Thank you Tyler! Mr Dorn served our city with dignity and pride. He deserved better. Say his name.”

Tony Bruno wrote “only true hero in the @NFL. Much respect for the courageous stance!”

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