“No, No, No.” Pelosi Has Hostile Tantrum, Bullies Reporter Who Dares To Question The Process

With Congress about to take up a new pandemic relief package, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is back in the limelight, as she has the power to control the destiny of any such effort in the lower chamber.

And as usual, Pelosi is throwing around her considerable weight as speaker to dictate the outcome, even bullying reporters who dare question the process — then again, Pelosi is accustomed to a docile press corp.

On Monday press briefing, Nanacy Pelosi had a full scale meltdown when a reporter tried to ask her if she was willing to support a short-term extension of unemployment benefits while lawmakers work on a broader coronavirus relief package.

“Are you considering extending these benefits for a month or two while you continue negotiations?” the unidentified reporter asked.

Before the reporter could even spit out the entire question, Pelosi was saying no.

Pelosi was in the process of turning over the podium and as the reporter pressed on the issue, Pelosi is heard off camera almost shrieking, “No!”

“No, no, no!” she said repeatedly, clearly yelling at the reporter. “Pass the bill.”

Just as she tried to do before, Pelosi is hoping to exploit the suffering of the American people brought on by the pandemic to cram a bunch of liberal goodies in any new bill — she voiced the “priority” of “vote by mail” as one desire.

A priority she described Monday as “justice.”

House Democrats approved a sweeping $3 trillion relief plan two months ago, chock full of liberal goodies unrelated to the pandemic, but Republicans are looking at a $1 trillion measure that will reduce the $600 weekly jobless benefit noticably.

Having little shame, Pelosi tried to slip in funding for Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the U.S., in an earlier measure.

That she so boldly bullies the media speaks volumes about the state of journalism today — when President trump gets into a scrap with aggressive reporters looking for their “gotcha” moment, it’s front page news.

Here are some of the responses from Twitter, as one social media user asked, “How do these clowns remain in office?”

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