One Police Officer’s Message To The Democrats Turned Heads Across America

The anti-cop race riots that followed George Floyd’s death spawned a “defund the police movement.”

Now this one police officer’s message to Democrats turned heads across America.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is among the many state and local Democrats jumping on the defund the police bandwagon.

Mayor DeBlasio allowed criminals to loot New York City and burn its streets by handcuffing law enforcement and refusing to call in the National Guard.

The Mayor was eager to distract from this from this failure and announced his support for defunding the police by moving money from the police budget to local community programs.

This enraged Police Benevolent Association head Mike O’Meara.

At a press conference O’Meara passionately defended the 99 percent of cops who are good people and heroes.

O’Meara blasted politicians for abandoning the police and treating cops like “thugs” and “animals.”

It was a performance that quickly went viral as we rarely get to see police defend themselves.

Whenever a tragedy occurs, the only voices the media amplifies are grandstanding politicians and understandably grieving family members.

The public never gets to hear from the police as they are vilified as racist killers.

In the aftermath of the Floyd murder, this has only been amplified.

Officer O’Meara spoke for thousands of other cops and millions of Americans when he stood up for law enforcement against this “defund the police” nonsense.

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